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Susan, Welcome to your Intensive Journey

This is your personal page with all your information.

Please reach out with any questions: 

The dates and times for your Intensive Journey is: 

November 10. 3 -5.30 pm EST

November 11. 8.30 -11 am EST 

Your Intensive Journey includes:


2 Intensive Days (2.5 hours each)

Financial Responsibility 

Your Zoom link: 

Your link for Session One.

Your link for Session Two

Forms to fill out

Intake form


Financile agreement

Meditation Library

Please make use of your Meditation Library below.

Meditation Library

Please use the meditations as a support on your Intensive Journey. 

If at any point you feel overwhelmed or not comfortable in the meditations, take a break and move your body - take a walk, eat something, talk to somebody.

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