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Areas of Coaching

Life is complex for all of us on many different levels. Navigating how to live, enjoy and thrive in the world can be hard.

We often focus on what is happening outside of us. What other people do, how our partner or kids act, or the decisions our leaders make. It leaves us powerless.

When we focus on ourselves it's usually to manage the parts of us that we don’t like or the conflicting emotions we have about something.  

In a sense we feel powerless here too, because we are fighting with the parts of ourselves that we don’t like.  - I mean, how many times have you decided you want to be healthier and then eaten the chocolate cake?

With Internal Family Systems(IFS) we stop the battle and work with our less desirable parts and the conflicting emotions. Moving towards the parts of us we want to change instead of fighting them off is what brings about lasting change.

Read more about IFS here

Parenting trauma kids

Parenting trauma kids is no joke. It is the hardest and most rewarding job you'll ever do. 

Understanding how kids who have lived trauma live, think and function is necessary to remain sane as a parent. Having the understanding and the right tools to parent these amazing survivors is key to a peaceful home life. 

We are currently developing the Wounded Not Broken Kids Curriculum  which will offer education for parents on many different topics. 

Send us a message here if you want to be notified when registration opens.

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About Merete G

Merete is an Internal Family Systems (IFS) Practitioner (Level 3), a Certified Trauma Recovery coach, and a Certified Life coach.

Merete is a transplant to the US. She grew up in Europe, traveled to several countries, but immigrated to the US when she married her ex husband. She was a foster mom for several years and adopted 3 kids with trauma backgrounds. After years of struggling in an abusive marriage, she got out and began the journey of healing and becoming who she was meant to be.

Professionally Merete has worked with people and their lives from many different aspects. She did her undergrad in Europe in Social Education and Human development. Following she worked with special needs in schools and homes. Additionally she trained in counselling, leadership, sign language and business.

My Approach
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