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Name, Welcome to your Intensive Journey

This is your personal page with all your information.

Please reach out with any questions: 

The dates and times for your Intensive Journey is: 

November 10. 3 -5.30 pm EST

November 11. 8.30 -11 am EST 

Your Intensive Journey includes:


2 Intensive Days (2.5 hours each)

Financial Responsibility 

Half of the intensive Journey fee of $275 is due prior to scheduling your pre-intensive interview, with the remaining balance due at your first Intensive session. You may also choose to pay for the entire program ($550) in advance. 


Links to payments here: 

Your Zoom link: 

Your link for Session One.

Your link for Session Two

Forms to fill out

Intake form


Financile agreement

Meditation Library

The library will be available a few days before your intensive. Please find it here and use them to support your Intensive Journey.

Half  of a 5 hour intensive

Full 5 hour intensive

Meditation Library

Please use the meditations as a support on your Intensive Journey. 

If at any point you feel overwhelmed or not comfortable in the meditations, take a break and move your body - take a walk, eat something, talk to somebody.

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